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Welcome to the Turf Club 

the Turf Club Bar is now open to the public. Other rooms now open.

Got a favorite track? Want to write a blog or two or read what someone else has to say about your favorite thoroughbred? All at a leisurely pace? Then go to The Turf Club sponsored by Today's Program Analysis. There's not a lot of hype here or any slot machines to play or someone trying to see how much money they can get you to spend. It's just a quiet place. Away from all the excitement and hoopla of horse racing. It's a place where you can smooze with others who have similar interests as you: thoroughbreds and the horse racing industry that has been built up around them. Whether or not it's before the races, between races, or after the races you'll be amoung friends at the Turf Club.
The Turf Club is set up around rooms which are meant to provide a meeting place for those with a similar area of interest. Lounges are set up around race tracks where you can read or blog about what is happening at the track. Events, your favorite thoroughbred, a pet peeve or an upcoming graded stakes would be common subjects. You will get a free track program there as well as other information such as jockey and trainer standings and more. 
Additionally non-track theme rooms such as the Turf Club Bar and a  wide variety of other theme rooms will also be available.   
It's The Horse of Course
What brings everyone together at the Turf Club is the love of thoroughbreds and horses in general. Whether your pleasure is sport or you just can't resist those big sad eyes, the Turf Club would like to create a virtual atmosphere around these deserving creatures and meet a fundemental need to reach out beyond ourselves and celebrate a basic part of our common nature. We need them as much as they need us.
By joining the Turf Club (membership is optional) you can lend a hand in the up keep of these friends of ours because the Turf Club donates any proceeds from membership to those who have the time to do what we do not have time to do. That is provide for the care of these sometimes forgotten athletes. Maybe they are retired or injured or just need a place to stay but they have worked hard all their lives for our enjoyment and now it's a chance to show a little bit of appreciation for their efforts
If you are the  provider of such a service and have a history of providing for retired thoroughbreds, please contact us a so that we can consider supporting your efforts.

 Turf Club London History

Turf Club was founded in 1861 as a leisure club for upper class gentlemen who enjoyed card games, parlor games and sports. Turf Club was started as a gambling club and grew into one of the most exclusive clubs in England. Members could discuss politics and current events over meals. Card games could go on for days without interruption, if desired.

When Turf Club began, clubs existed for aristocrats and gentlemen who earned their wealth and status through education, accomplishment or trade. Today some of the most influential British men of all ages are members. Like most gentlemens clubs, Turf Club provided places for gentlemen to socialize with men of the same class without the distractions of family responsibilities or duties. Over the years, many gentlemen's clubs have closed but Turf Club remains

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