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Membership in the Turf Club is $20 per year. (That is considerable less than the Turf Club in London which is over $1000). Membership will get you discounts on product and advertising. You will also receive a free business size ad for one year on the 'Members' page of a room or lounge located off of the Turf Club Lobby. 100% of all membership fees will be donated to the retirement and care of race horses.


Sponsorship of a room or lounge will give you a variety of  priviledges. You will receive access to a room or lounge with the ability to blog and publish all all varieties of media available.

In racing lounges your picture photo will be displayed to represent the host or hostess for the particular room and your sponcership will be mentioned in the The Turf Club Lobby and in the heading within the room itself. Also you will receive a credit business card sized ad on the front of the Today's Program Analysis racing program for the track sponsored as well as a free subscription to the program for that track. Sponsorships must be for the compete duration of the meet for that track. The cost is $5 per race day as well as the price of annual membership in the Turf Club.


Today's Program Analysis produces about 150 business card sized print ads on the average per day. These ads are highly effective because the user often spends 15 to 20 minutes on each page they download. With no more than 3 ads per page, ads are highly visable and in this format have more impact than an ad placed on a web page for instance because most 'web-surfers' are doing just that. 'surfing'. They are there and then gone with the next click of the mouse. Web pages often get less than a minute per view.

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